Hello all,

I've just gone thru the process of re-factoring my plugin code only to find out, that a nasty error has been introduced somehow. Have tried to sort it out on my own for days now - am clueless.

I've pin-pointed it down to the sub-statement that is not performing:

It's about the following jQuery selector:

n = $("input[name][type=submit]", fm);
Next, I test for n.length==0 which is firing but NOT desired.

(fm contains a previously initialised jQuery form object, the length of which I've previously checked to be 1 (correct/expected) )

I'd be extremely grateful if someone had an idea?

Thanks in advance!

Further background information:

- You can see it failing on http://www.oeko-fakt.de/produkte/
(press the button "Auswählen" and it will basically do nothing instead of correctly displaying a nice dataTables formatted form, which it had correctly done in previous versions so far)

- The problem has arised or been introduced, since I've refactored the code, otherwise successfully. My first suspicion was maybe the odd local variable having too tight scope, but I do think it's the above expression failing...

Any ideas?