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Thread: Why .net is more compatable with sql?

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    Why .net is more compatable with sql?

    friends please replay "Why .net is more compatable with sql?"

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    a system written in Express edition is fully compatible with any ... .NET uses a more efficient method of connecting to SQL Server (known as OLE DB).

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    what do you mean by Express edition.

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    SQL Express is the free edition of SQL... It has limited capabilities but you can't beat the price.
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    There are definitely some benefits to using SQL with ASP.NET, since the two are architecturally synchronized. However, plenty of high-performing applications use Oracle. The productivity gains from sticking with what you know will probably outweigh any sugar for SQL that .NET has baked-in. It supports a maximum database size of 4 gigabytes. It does not support stored procedures, triggers, views, or replication.
    SQL Server Compact is the recommended database choice for both development and production in ASP.NET Web Pages applications that you develop by using WebMatrix. The advantages of SQL Server Compact make it an appealing choice in many other .NET web application scenarios also.

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