Hi I am working with a client on their intranet site I have mapped a detailed image to link to key documentation in a project workflow using the following website http://www.isdntek.com/tagbot/imap.htm preview looks good and everything works yet when I take the code generated and add to SharePoint, once I hit publish the mapping disappears. I'm not sure if it is the browser configuration as every screen displays web pages differently or if it is the editor used within SharePoint (itís the basic content editor supplied with SharePoint configuration). I have mapped a banner image using the same website last week and those links worked until yesterday now that isnít working either.
Unfortunately because of the nature of the work I cannot share the actual coding I am using - when run through a validator the intranet URL was not recognised and threw up errors. But the code generated for the image mapping had no errors
Any suggestions gratefully received. The desktop set up is for agile/hot desk working which has caused problems previously. Can anyone suggest where I should look to solve this problem? Could it be a browser issue or a problem within the SharePoint Configuration?

I'm working with SharePoint 2010 and browsers IE7 and IE8