Hi. I've created my first website in .com domain in english, so forgive me language mistakes if you find anyof them (but let me know about it if you find it). It's educational wesite for learning the map of the world. This is not a flash game (like almost every website with geography knowledge tests). It's webapp with quite a lot of javascript (AMD).

This is my first website with Responsive Web Design, and this is my biggest problem. I don't have access to mobile devices so I can't test it enought to be sure that it works in all browsers. I've tested it only in my browser on my desktop (resizing browser window). I don't know if all of css and js features used by me will work on mobile devices.

So, if you have some free time to test it on your mobile device I'd be very grateful for any fails/mistakes/error founded. I'd be also happy for any opinion/suggestion/critics generally about my website. I've just started to develop it, so any feedback will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Link to my website: http://eduworldmap.com