I've maintained a lot of my own sites using this old Macromedia Homesite editor. I believe it was originally supplied with Cold Fusion, and maybe Dreamweaver? (lost track now). The last version I got hold of is 5.5. Its has served me well, and it even came with a basic CSS editor, (TopStyle Lite, v. 3.10). My aging brain can seldom remember all the attributes or legal entries available to a given tag, so I've always appreciated its "intellisense" like dropdown menus offering me constant references.

Anyway, I'm just fishing to see haw bad off everyone thinks I am using this old tool. I will say that after a recent discussion involving HTML5, I was pretty shocked to discover Homesight actually knew about <video> and <audio> tags, so maybe not as bad as I think?!

Especially as I'm "between jobs" and can't justify too much that isn't free (or near free) right now. But it doesn't hurt to ask what editors I ought to consider. If it matters, I'm lily going to be learning and working more with these newer HTML5 <video > and <audio> tags soon, and also want to start expanding my understanding of using javascript to exchange data with remote servers and databases, and using functionality such as AJAX and JQuery. Homesite has always seemed pretty weak in the javascript department, but I guess that's to be expected for this kind of editor. I've also felt it left some things to be desired when it came to simplifying page templates and such, and of course its style editor is VERY basic.

I'm mostly concerned, having been away from web work for several years, that a tool that is no longer supported like this will begin to give me grief as new tags and standards are developed. I know there are a lot of nice convenient WSIWYG editors out there, but I don't think this old dog will ever be comfortable not being able to scratch code.