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Thread: Homesite 5 user looking for upgrade advise

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    Sorry about that... here it is ->

    I purchased the standard version and am very happy with it. If I need to upgrade to the Pro version for the CMS and SFTP features it would cost $10.00 more than buying that version to start with. Give the trial some time because it is so similar to HomeSite but just different enough to induce some frustration. HomeSite is now gone from my desktop where I do the heavy work. Will continue with it on my laptop for minor sessions as I don't want to buy another license for WebArchitect.

    Good luck.

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    Free: http://www.serif.com/web-design-software/

    Paid: http://www.serif.com/webplus/

    if you are anywhere other than the UK then you will have to change the site to your locality.
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    I know its been a long time, but I have so many projects going its a wonder I even had time to look into any of this. But I wanted resume the thread to mention that I was ORIGINALLY very impressed with the free version of Serif WebPlus, that after seeing the version 6 (they are now at v.7) was on sale for 10 days in May for only $15, I bit the bullet. It might still be on sale, but I have to say now I'm not so impressed. The user interface, IMHO is great, and the number of features is very impressive. So for someone looking for a WSIWYG editor for quick pages, I thought I had it made.

    I was wrong. Now don't get me wrong... I understand there is a lot more to responsive web design than just letting the browser format the HTML/CSS text as it chooses. BUT... doing things that way is a hell of a lot more responsive than the Serif approach! With WebPlus, every object on the screen is absolutely positioned and absolutely sized, in both the vertical and horizontal direction. What that means is that a page made for a typical desktop browser is going to be horrendously difficult to read on a mobile device, because the text will not even format itself to TRY and follow the screen size. OK, you can create page versions for every mobile screen size out there, and ask your visitor to try each one until they find one readable. REALLY????!!!! What a waste of my time. I'd ask for my money back if not for the fact that I only paid $15 for it. I'm still in shock though that the product offers so much power to conveniently build good looking pages, only to leave you with pages that are less responsive than HTML pages made 10 years ago! I'll try to export some of my test pages to HTML/CSS files and hand tweak them, but I could have built pages from scratch in Homesite again if I was going to approach it that way.

    So even though I never thought to ask, are there any other WSIWYG html/css editors that don't force every object on the screen to be stuck in absolute dimensions?
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