If some words with in any tag change to <span id='something'>my style word</span> on every website i go i see the
same change event your website webdeveloper.com too. Few others like msn, facebook, twitter i haven't seen this happening.

My question will be if i all ready style a word and it change to other style word after the page loads with tag of <span></span> with a advertisement
popup style hover effect is there a way to stop it and why few other website run without the effect?

What i all ready notice trying to debug the issue with my local script is that the preview with dreamweaver keep the same style but if i preview the
save script with visual studio web express 2013 the event comes to life again i am wondering what could it be i notice too that my new computer dont have
the problem. Any feedback about what could it be i rule out the virus on my computer because other website are running fine.