Hi all,

Our nonprofit has a ~$20,000 budget to spend on a web coder for our new website. We're reevaluating our content and developing our rough wireframes/design in-house. We prefer the web dev to be in the D.C. area.

We know that we want the website to be hosted on Wordpress (it currently is not) and that we want to have a mobile responsive design as well. We want to sit down with the web dev and explain to them our vision for the site as well as our ideas for what we want it to look like, but are very open to the designs changing if necessary. We'd probably want to keep them on for a little while longer for tweaks after the website launch as well.

Unfortunately, this whole thing is giving us quite a headache because though we have a few ideas of where to advertise we have no idea what specifics to include the job listing. We've heard that we should go for offering an hourly rate rather than lump sum--but of how much? In short, we don't really know what to put in the advertisement and it's really slowing us down.

Should we just try and work with a shop/group? We were badly burned (spent a lot of money on a lot of nothing) with one company recently and we're kind of hesitant about going down that route again (for budget reasons as well).

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.