Hello, I am new here! I remember making my first webpages on geocities.com with basic HTML (back when using frames was cool), and after refreshing my HTML knowledge on codecademy.com, I am starting to love some of the other languages like CSS and jQuery. So I am considering making a career change as a web developer because I am realizing how much I love to build things and be creative.

It seems to me that there is currently high demand for web developers. A quick search on indeed.com will confirm this (an even greater demand than my current profession as an accountant, and "there is always a need for accountants.")

My questions are as follows:

- Do you think the economy is currently undergoing a bubble in the demand for web developers? With every business wanting to go online/mobile, it seems like this would be an excellent career, but do you think there are some other negative factors that should be considered?
- With so many webpage design software and applications that make it so easy for the ordinary person to make his/her own website, how do web developers feel about the demand for their skills?
- Is a computer science degree an absolute must for someone wanting to be in this profession, or is having the know-how and a killer portfolio enough to get in the door?

Any input is appreciated - thanks!