JS2DX is a domain-specific language written in JavaScript aimed at simplification of programming UI pages using DHTMLX platform. Complex UI pages are coded inside one JSON object. For example this is code of a UI page containing navigation grid and Google Map:

HTML Code:
layout: {
   id     : 'A'
  ,pattern: '2U'
  ,cells  : [{
     caption: 'Vehicles'
    ,width:   200
    ,grid : {
       id:          'list'
      ,columns:     [{name:' '}]
      ,url:         './xml/2_list.xml'
      ,onRowSelect: function(id) {
     caption: 'Map'
    ,map: {
       id: 'map'
JS2DX interprets data in the JSON object and sends appropriate commands to the browser to build a page. It also takes care of including all relevant .js and .css files needed to build the page. More at http://js2dx.com