im sorry before, im newbie as webprogrammer, and im a new born baby in this forum

i have problem about webfont, my question :
1. Is font for web different with font for desktop?
i have try to include my font, and i have tried @font-face css. but its different with my designer view in photoshop.

2. Is there web for free font web i could download? i just want to test it, would it be same with my designer's design if i use my own downloaded webfont.

my designer said he use helvetica neue 37 light condensed. when i search that font name in it said the file name is HelveticaNeueLTStd-ThCn.
when i try to use it, it doesn't look same in chrome, its work fine in mozilla firefox.

(im sorry before if i have wrong word in my thread, i dont really could speak english well. thanks for your all attention, thanks so much)