When I make the minecraft voting site, I had encountered some problems while doing so. The site is:http://zykocraft.enjin.com/vote and I have made iFrame in a iFrame. When users vote the website and press submit, nothing happens. When users refresh the page and vote again, it said that they have voted & have to wait 24 more hours to vote again. What am I doing wrong?

On http://woodycraft.net/vote/, their's work. What is wrong with mine?

I tried using their source. First, I just save the whole webpage and edit it (v2). Didn't work. Then, I made some changes, which FAILED again (v3). And current version where I start off from scratch, failed too. Here are the links:
v2- votezykocraft.webuda.com/v2
v3- votezykocraft.webuda.com/v3
v4- votezykocraft.webuda.com