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Thread: webdesign portfolio site

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    webdesign portfolio site


    After quite a long time I've finished my site. I'll be grateful for any critique and tips.
    So far I've noticed some technical issues.. for example, on mobiles (tested only on my iPhone) all the images look a bit blurred, low quality.
    Also when I tested the site on a 2nd notebook, the text was really jaggy and harsh.



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    In the code you have:

    1. a lot of '&nbsp' without ';' on the end. It should be '&nbsp'. Besides, what do you need this no-breaking-spaces?
    2. 5 divs with id="container"! id must be unique, only one element can have particular id
    <h1 id='habout'>&nbsp </h1>
    What does it mean? What is it for? It's totally non-semantic. h1 for something like this? Holy f!@!#@#@
    What is that?!
    4. too many divs. Some of your divs can be removed (shadow1, shadow2...), their css can be attached to another existing elements.
    5. another unnecessary elements. You have
    <a href="images/img/8.jpg" data-lightbox="roadtrip"><span class='fifteen'>&nbsp </span></a>
    What is this span for? Its css atributes can be easily attached to its parent (a element).
    6. inline styles. You use css files, so why do you use inline styles?
    It's enough about your code for this moment (but there are more 'strange things').

    Some of users use TAB key to go through links, button, form controls. They should know which element have focus without guessing. On your page they sometimes will have to gues it because of your outline and :focus styles.

    When I saw 'Go to top' link (next to facebook link) I thought it's a road sign. When I moved mouse cursor over it I saw 'Go to top' tooltip.

    There are 5 '404 Not found' errors, 1 js file and 4 images.

    Visually your website looks good, but if you offer services to other people (as a webmaster) I should expect something more from your portfolio. Mainly I'm talking about your code.

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    Thanks for the feedback blasphemy. I'll try to do the corrections in code you suggested.

    I've got those headings and spans just for images. They are given just some content and then in the css it's replaced by images. &nbsp - I use it just as empty content.

    Also, is there any difference performance-wise when using both inline and external css? I just found it much easier when I was doing the final touch-ups just do quickly add some styling directly to the elements I needed.

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    Performance is not important here. But there are some 'patterns' that should/may be followed when designing websites. One of them is MVC (Model View Controler). Generally its about dividing application into three layers and keeping them separate. There are some variations of this pattern. Gnerally in HTML you should keep only the structure of your website. CSS is responsible for the presentation and it should be kept separated, in different file(s), not mixed with html (inline styles). There are a lot of advantages of such approach, one of them is easier maintanance and developing of your project. But it's complex topic, there are a lot of materials on the web. Google is your friend

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    I am sorry to say your site is not much good..
    it takes too much loading time as well as meta tags and content also.
    change it..
    best of luck.

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