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Thread: How Track Visitor Using HTML?

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    How Track Visitor Using HTML?

    How Track Visitor Using HTML? Any third party plugins available?

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    I'm assuming something like how Facebook or Google track people? They are tracked by cookies, for example when a person fills out the profile page on Facebook or a person likes a particular page that info is probably (I would bet it would be safe to say that it does) put in a cookie session. Then a 3rd party will use that information to see if it would be wise to show you an advertisement based on you likes or profile. For example supposed you liked Crazy Joe's Skydiving School,an advertisement might pop-up on you FB page about skydiving schools in your area. It not strictly done by HTML, for it probably done through server side programs such a PHP for example. As for 3rd party plugins? Best bet is to do an internet search. Maybe something like "Plugins to track visitors to a website" or something like that. An see what comes up.
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    The easiest way to track user visits is to use Google Analytics. Sign up and Google provide a snippet of JavaScript to embed in each web page you want information on.

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    You can't track visitors using HTML! You can save some information in cookies, but you can't set cookies using only HTML. You have to use for example javascript (client-side) or sent proper headers with for example php (server-side), or use both. You can track visitors without setting cookies, but it require using some additional tools (js, php), not only HTML. You can write your own code (are you familiar with js or php?) or use third parties code (like Google Analytics).

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    The question is why do you need to track a user?

    If you want to do it reliably then you should employ a database that logs every request via an IP addres (and yes I am aware that some IP addresses are shared) but then you build data on what user by an IP address has viewed across your site and you have a sequence of page hits and from that you can find how many visiotrs online, over a set time period and so on.

    Cookies in the UK and EU are something that requires the users authority to accept and you have to say how these cookies are used, it is a legal requirement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedaisoul View Post
    The easiest way to track user visits is to use Google Analytics. Sign up and Google provide a snippet of JavaScript to embed in each web page you want information on.
    I agree with what he said.

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