I'll jump right in. I am dealing with a team of people who have no knowledge in coding websites, nor have the time to learn. I want to be able to deliver a Bootstrap theme, link it up to some sort of CMS system and then pass it onto them. Meaning, I won't be heavily involved in updating pages.

I have several questions about it though. So I have a Bootstrap template, suited up with libraries such as; pagination, tabs, scrollspy, etc.
And that's the thing I don't understand! If I hand over my current design and they want to expand a page that has tabs in it, how can they possibly update the tabs or add new dropdowns through a CMS system?

My last question. Take into consideration my last question. What CMS should I use

I'm genuinely confused because I've used many CMS systems, like wordpress and I can't think of how these things can be incorporated?

Thanks for reading!