Let me start by saying I'm not completely new at web design. I have screwed around a bit and made a few websites in my spare time but never actually did anything with them.
This time around I'm building a website that I intend on using. I'm a snake breeder and I'm looking to expand and make a website. I was thinking about using wordpress, joomla or dropal. I was just wondering in your opinion what would be my best option. Its been a few years since I did any website building or coding.
I'm not looking for anything fancy. I would like to just have the basic pages. Home contact order breeders available and snakes I've sold in the past. I would like to have the pages show the different types of snakes then links to pages with a thumb nail of each snake then when you click on the thumb nail or name it will open a page dedicated to that snake. Also Im not looking to have buy buttons or anything. I was thinking about having an order page where they fill out the snake they want and then I send them a PayPal link or something like that.
Thanks any help is greatly appreciated.