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Thread: [RESOLVED] Query string of the URL

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Query string of the URL

    I have the code for querying string of the URL.
    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Location Example</title>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            function getQueryStringArgs(){
                //get query string without the initial ?
                var qs = (location.search.length > 0 ? location.search.substring(1) : ""),
                    //object to hold data
                    args = {},
                    //get individual items
                    items = qs.length ? qs.split("&") : [],
                    item = null,
                    name = null,
                    value = null,
                    //used in for loop
                    i = 0,
                    len = items.length;
                //assign each item onto the args object
                for (i=0; i < len; i++){
                    item = items[i].split("=");
                    name = decodeURIComponent(item[0]);
                    value = decodeURIComponent(item[1]);
                    if (name.length){
                        args[name] = value;
                return args;
            //assume query string of ?q=javascript&num=10
            var args = getQueryStringArgs();
            alert(args["q"]);     //"javascript"
            alert(args["num"]);   //"10"
    I am not fully understanding it.
    Assume the query string
    What is qs and items in the code?

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    qs as you could have guessed stands for "query string without the initial ?" (see the comments in your code)

    items = qs.length ? qs.split("&") : []

    items = if query string has lenght then it will be an array which is the result of splitting this string by "&" or an empty array (in case the string has no length)

    for example, look at current page (this post editing page) url


    the bold part is qs
    if you split this string by "&" you'll get 2 pairs (in your code - items) which are p=1306301 and do=editpost
    every pair can also be splitted by "=" and you'll get name,value subarrays
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    Why not turn the query string if any in to an object?

    if( query = location.search.slice(1) ){
    	var tmp = query.split("&");
    	delete query;
    	var query = [];
    	while( tmp.length ){
    		q = tmp.shift();
    		q = q.split("=");
    		query[ q.shift() ] = q.shift();
    }else query = false;
    if( query ) console.log(">> "+query.goodbye );
    Will output "coconuts" to the console log if the URL string was http://webdomain/some.html?hello=peanuts&goodbye=coconuts

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