Hello experts,
I am running with an app and i have some notice error while inserting records.
My form code is pasted below:
HTML Code:
<form action="add_bk_insert.php">

Name <input type="text"  name="name"/><br />
E-mail <input type="text"  name="email" /><br />
Contact <input type="text"  name="contact" /><br />
Requirement <input type="text"  name="requirement" /><br />

<input type="submit" value="Submit" />

and my add_bk_insert.php code is as shown below:

PHP Code:



$order "INSERT INTO sal2

            (name,email_id, contact,requirement)



$result mysql_query($order); 


} else{

"<br>Input data is fail");


when i run the above code it shows a notice error as below:

HTML Code:
Notice: Undefined index: name 

Notice: Undefined index: email_id 

Notice: Undefined index: contact 

Notice: Undefined index: requirement 
So i dont know what exactly i am missing. Please some one can help me out with this.
I am really stuck.