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Thread: installing software on vps with cpanel/whm

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    installing software on vps with cpanel/whm

    I have a cent OS vps with cpanel and whm. My problem is I don't see how I can install software on my vps. How would I go about trying to install php modules and mysqli or even check the php .ini files.

    The main thing I wanted to do was install nginx so can someone tell how I could go about doing that.

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    Can I get an answer from someone? need help

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    On cPanel, Apache and PHP settings are managed via the WHM interface. This is on:

    You will want the "easyapache" option:

    To run EasyApache via the WHM interface, navigate to Home >> Software >> EasyApache

    Please note that if this process fails, your web server may fail as well. While the system is pretty reliable it is easy to uncheck a critical function, so be sure to download your current profile.

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