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Thread: Signup page with java and php validation no showing

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    Signup page with java and php validation no showing

    Hi I need help undestanding this PHP issue...

    I uploaded a signup page with java and php validation... but when I run it it put me a blank page with one of the echo message that appear in one of the PHP script....

    The server I'm using is Ipage.com

    You can see it here: http://www.samonlycrystal.com/myAcco...ile/signup.php

    It suppose to show the form and validate every field by java and php the send it to the database...

    If I remove the PHP code the page show the form.

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    check error_log for error messages

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    my expierence with codes say usually a blank page appears when your missing some content for eg:
    {,},;,etc it can b any sort of content. There must be syntax error

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