Hi All

I am looking at creating my own website, but I need help with the following:

I want to be able to enter several records, sort of like contacts. Eg name, address, postcode, tel. number,etc + few other criteria
These should be viewable by users of the website, but also searchable.
Ideally they could do a search like: all results within 30 miles of (enter postcode here)

2 problems:
1) I have no idea how to start!!!!
2) Even if I did, I think the 'within x miles of postcode' will be an issue

Bit of info which may or may not help, I have registered with Godaddy and I am currently using their website builder. I have tried to do a bit of research and figure it out myself, all I'm seeing is SQLs and HTMLs and no idea what to do! So as you can tell my starting knowledge is pretty poor!! Given a set of instructions though, I should be able to follow (hopefully). Also, how much will all of this cost? Is it possible to do this for free?

Thanks to anyone who can help.......