Hello all,

This my first time on this site and I can already tell I have a ton to learn. I'm working on a web site for a carpet company and i'm working on the wording for the body of their front page.
The current wording is as follows:
"We have all types of carpet including frieze carpet, loop carpet, pattern carpet, saxony carpet, commercial carpet and more. We have thousands of different colors and styles to choose from. In addition to meeting all your carpet needs we also carry: tile, porcelain, marble, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, countertop materials, and window coverings."

Their argument is that the fact that "carpet" follows all of the types of carpet doesn't read well. It is my belief that this will lead to better search engine traffic.
Does using "frieze carpet, loop carpet, pattern carpet..." help with results or should would "frieze, loop, pattern, saxony, commercial carpet" accomplish the same thing?

Thank you all!!!