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Thread: Novice javascript seeking help !

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    Novice javascript seeking help !

    HI, I'm very new to Javascript and i was wondering if anybody could please help me with this code. I'm not sure what to do:

    question: Use object-oriented JavaScript to model a public library with three classes: library, shelf, and book. The library should be aware of a number of shelves. Each shelf should know what books it contains. Make the book object have "enshelf" and "unshelf" methods that control what shelf the book is sitting on. The library should have a method to report all books it contains.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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    in consideration of your 'question' i would suspect that you are not that 'very new' to Javascript. if you were the one your question most likely was about document.getElementById or maybe loops and i haven't noticed a banner like 'free homework service' on this forum.
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    Yep, I was wondering where the Neon sign was that said "Free Homework Service" as well.

    Beginners don't get given OO type scripting, its mainly loops, arrays, outputting to the document and build on previous items learnt.

    If you use google to search, you will find examples of this question with attempts to provide an answer.
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