Hello everyone,

Not sure this is in the right category but seems most likely to me. I want to create a website which includes the following functionality:

a database with a list of pupils, years, classes etc...
a list of skill achievements in sub categories in different subjects
a way of assigning these skills to pupils as they acquire them by using drag and drop technology. So the screen would be divided into different set areas eg - {can't add up, can add up quite well, can add up brilliantly). The screen would also show icons representing each individual pupil and with names attached which could then be swiftly sorted into these sets using drag and drop.

I would also like to be able to press and hold any pupil icon and up would pop a menu of subjects around him or her. Selecting the subject would then show all the achievements in that subject for that pupil. I would also like to be able to show all achievements at once and to output all achievements to a word document.

But where to start! Would it be best to use a CMS like wordpress, Joomla or Dropal? Would I use something like Createjs. Should I learn MySQL or PHP etc?

I know I have an enormous amount of learning ahead of me but can you point me in the right direction of the technology / products I would need to learn to use on order to carry this out most efficiently?

Thank you!!!