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Thread: I am looking for the best dating software for a new site. Any suggestions?

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    I am looking for the best dating software for a new site. Any suggestions?

    I am looking to start a dating website for students living in Leeds, UK. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be the best software to use?

    There are 3 universities in Leeds so not a big target market and only a small business. My budget isn't massive so not wanting to spend too much. I have done some online research and read a few reviews and I am leaning towards using the eMeeting software from datingscripts.co.uk. Has anyone had any dealings with this site before?


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    I must say that you have taken right decision. Young generation is getting interest on dating site. So you are on the right direction. But you must concern about dating script and software. Dating software is really important to get traffic on your site. I want to share I personal experience. I suffered a lot for dating software. I also waste so much money on it. Then I decide to use free dating software on my site. I am now using free dating software on my site and I am happy with its performance. I suggest you not to spend money for paid dating software.

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