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Thread: How to fix odd spaceing

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    Question How to fix odd spaceing

    http://theshadowview.tumblr.com/ there is only one post here but the caption bubble for some reason is separated from the photo by a few pixels. Why is this? How do I fix it? I am doing the html by hand.

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    The HTML for that page has quite a few errors, so it's hard to identify the specific issue. Start by removing the <ul> and <li> elements for posts. It's just going to keep throwing off your layout because browsers don't expect to see <div> and <center> tags between <ul></ul>. While you might see multiple posts as a part of a list, that's really not the kind of list <ul> is meant to handle. Just use nested <div>s instead. Try to do some more studying of HTML and CSS and then take another shot at this page.

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