Hello, I'm new to this site. Found it while Googling website help.

I have a client who is running an old version of wordpress. My task is to replicate her current site while updating the entire thing to the latest version of wordpress, the latest version of her theme and update all her plugins.

Great right? Yes. It was except all of her custom fonts are not working. The style.css is being overwritten by another stylesheet. This has never happened to me before. I am self taught in this field and I am stuck and on a deadline. Please help.

The way I did it is installing a myfonts.com web kit then I started customizing the css in the "Custom Css" section as recommended. That didn't work. So I moved to editing style.css... still no luck. Then I found out that there is a php page being called in the site that defines dynamic css. It is identical to the stylesheet that is overriding my code.

I am super frustrated. This is not happening in the old site just the dev site with the updates. Any ideas? Email me. Or post to this thread. I will be monitoring it like a hawk as I have a meeting with the client tomorrow morning.