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Thread: How to get a link from an uploaded file?

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    Thumbs up How to get a link from an uploaded file?

    PHP Code:
    @move_uploaded_file$upload_Temp $uploadFile); 
    $upload_URL "uploads/".$upload_Name ;
    $uploadFile "uploads/".$upload_Name ;
    //Writes the information to the database
    mysql_connect("localhost""freak_admin""what") or die(mysql_error()); 
    mysql_select_db("freak_doc") or die(mysql_error()); 
    mysql_query("INSERT INTO `users_cv` VALUES ('$id', '$name', '$upload_Name')"); 

    hello Developers

    i have tried to find my way around this but no show.from the php admin everything works fine including the name of the file visible.

    the above code works when i view the info on my view.php(the field for name shows)

    however the field for upload_name is blank because the idea I had isnt working below

    <td>&nbsp;echo "<a href=" ./ $upload_URL . basename($row_users['file']) . ">

    Can someone help me with what i am doing wrong ?

    A newbie in php

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    <td>&nbsp;echo "<a href=" ./ $upload_URL . basename($row_users['file']) . ">
    You can try with :
    <td>&nbsp;echo "<a href=./uploads/" . basename($row_users['file']) . ">

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    Hello Hong

    I this i messed up previously of the output i sent earlier on

    This is the code i used <?php echo $row_users['upload_Name']; ?> but it only reveals the file name and not the link to it on the server ho to i echo it to linked to the file on the server?

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    Function basename(path,suffix)
    $path = "/testweb/home.php";
    //Show filename with file extension
    echo basename($path) ."<br/>";
    //Show filename without file extension
    echo basename($path,".php");

    So your link is : ./ $upload_URL . basename($row_users['file']) .
    you check it again and change it.
    The output of the code above will be:

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    You have to escape the strings that get inserted in to a database.

    mysql_ commands are going to be retired very soon, so switching to the alternative mysqli_ or PDO methods of accessing a database is going to be an important change that you should consider doing now otherwise you will be rewriting your database routines very soon.
    --> JavaScript Frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Node <--
    ... and please remember to wrap code with forum BBCode tags:-

    [CODE]...[/CODE] [HTML]...[/HTML] [PHP]...[/PHP]

    If you can't think outside the box, you will be trapped forever with no escape...

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    You didn't insert the filename in the database.
    You only inserted id,name, and upload_Name.
    mysql_query("INSERT INTO `users_cv` VALUES ('$id', '$name', '$upload_Name')");

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    thanks you all i finally got my database working but there is an issue here,
    I have about 118 variables to insert. each time i fill the forms it says submityed but when i chack the database table it is'nt there!

    When I fill part of the form and submit behold i see it all in the table.
    is there a limit to the number of variables a form can write to a database?

    sperox says thanks for quick answer

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