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Thread: user profile settings

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    user profile settings

    This may be a dumb question but what software or language is used to save a user's settings?

    I am creating a music website and when someone creates a profile they can select what genre of music they want to be listed on their profile so the next time they login it will automatically show only the genres they selected.

    What about things like a time zone that way each time they login the time for their area will be the correct.

    I assumed this would be php so that is why I listed this here.

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    If the user is actually creating an account on your site, then I would store that info in the database, either in the same table where you define the user accounts, or in one or more separate tables with a foreign key to that table.
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    How would I go about saving the settings for a user's account in a database? Do you have a link of some sort that discusses this situation?

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