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Thread: What do I need to get this done?

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    Question What do I need to get this done?


    I am seeking to have a website service that offers my visitors to create a personal profile/vcard very similar to the site about.me where you simply fill in some blanks and it create a page for you on my name with the username/url you have chosen (e.g. example.com/username) however I have no idea what this type of software/script/coding is considered or referred to.

    What I am seeking is very simple, all profiles will maintain the same exact theme and colors.

    This is my first post, I apologize if I have asked this on the wrong thread but I do know for a fact that I want the website to be responsive and html5 - if any one can help guide me to what I should look into to get this done I would really appreciate it.

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    Maybe an about.me script is what you're looking for?

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    Hey, thanks a lot for that...

    Yes, something like that is great ...
    however I am seeking something I have more control over.

    The particular theme I want on the generated page is to be a theme I design myself.
    Also, what is this type of development considered? what exactly do I need to research?

    For example, lets say you create a Facebook account, you fill in the blanks and BOOM
    you have a FACEBOOK page. Well, i want it to go BOOM you now have a page on my website =)

    Basically, I would like it all to function the same for every one who signs up.

    What is this particular "script" or "genre" called to make this happen?
    E.g. I know a social networking script is for social networking websites
    but what is a script for something like this called generally? How do I go
    about creating my own service like this. Thanks

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