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Thread: Marketing to Webmasters and homeSellers

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    Marketing to Webmasters and homeSellers


    I have a website with a reasonable amount of visits and many registered home buyers. I wish to have your opinions on :

    1- How to market our referral program to Webmasters, mortgage Lenders and FSBO (For Sale By Owners) And most importantly how to have them to REGISTER with us.

    2- How to attract Renters at our site and have them to register, so we can match them to other Sellers, Lenders, Appraisers, etc

    3- Any effective suggestions on marketing

    The site, www.NetLogis.com , is designed to provide 100% FREE Down payment to homeBuyers to buy a house, anywhere in the USA and Canada. NetLogis Caritas is charity organization.

    Thanks for sharing your opinions and expertise
    Bela Ba
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    88% of sites are initially found using a search engine.

    More than eight in ten internet users have gone to search properties to find information on the web.

    Around one in four internet users present queries on search properties on a typical day.

    Only email use outranks search property queries as an online activity.

    Not to sure what information you are looking for in regard to marketing. If your asking how to use the Internet, your website as a marketing tool or if your asking about marketing your business.

    Basically if you want to market your website then you should concentrate on Search Engine Optimisation. As stated above 88% of sties are found through a search engine therefore getting yourself ranked highly in the major search engines would yield you more customers.
    Search Engine Optimisation is a new growing business. Companies are springing up all over the place with there business as SEO specialists.

    The second part of your question requires server side scripting, registering, matching sellers to lenders to appraisers can all be developed.

    You third question again don’t know if you want to know marketing strategies for you business or just information on marketing your website. If marketing your website, then again search engines, but you call use try use industry specific newsgroups, email blasts etc.

    Hope this helps

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    Marketing to Webmasters and homeSellers

    Hello Ribeyed

    Thank you very much for your post. It is very interesting in may aspects. To answer few of your questions:

    1- I am looking to market my "business" (a non-profit service) by using the following six marketing vehicules:

    a) my website as the main maketing vehicule and where all marketing efforts are directed, except for the sixth vehicule (Telemarketing);
    We, at N.A.C.O. - the National Alliance of Charity Organizations, Inc / NetLogis Caritas, all volunteers, have tried very hard to provide a very rich content and to make the site easy to navigate. But many of the tools that we come across are JavaScripts which poses a problem to some of our visitors. So we only use java when we almost have to.

    b) search engines. We are limited to 2 excellent tools: Free Submission 2000 and Alvin Apple Reference Guide Obviously we are always looking for better ways.
    We have heard about web positionning and Search Engine Optimisation but never knew how to implement it. There seems to be no free service for this. We are looking for the free stuffs because we provide all of our services for FREE, since 1997. We can not afford to pay an upfront fee for a service when we do not expect to receive any fee for our own provided services.
    We are always on guard for good and valuable FREE services and/or tools, like the above 2.

    c) (home-made) press release emails. We have a database of about 80,000 emails categorized by Lenders, Realtors, RE investors (from forums), media contacts (about 20,000 emails), appraisers, etc. Obviously we do not know how to write a press release because no media wrote an article about NetLogisCaritas following our last 2 press releases since October 2002. But the number of visitors at our website have been over 2,000,000 a day by the end of 2002. Now it turns around 100 visitors a day.
    We unsuccessfully looked for a tool (javaScript, etc) to grap the email addresses of our visitors and/or to store a cookie at the visitor's computer so we can distinguish new and repeat visitors. We are still looking for such tools.

    d) merchant affiliates referral program. This is the only way we found and have budgetted for compensating those who would like to help us for a fee. A really serious, motivated and ethical Marketing Pro (who knows his/her stuff) can very easily make over $50,000 a month, month after month. Because, our service is backed by the USA government, all decent people with a decent income look to purchase a house for their family with a 100% FREE down payment, all realtors and motivated FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) look to sell their house FAST at a decent price, and all Lenders and Mortgage Brokers make their living originating home mortgages. As an example a motivated mortgage banker, realtors or mortgage broker can very easily make thousands of extra $$$ by soft marketing to colleagues in other states where they do not have a license to operate their profession.
    We recently installed a software to track referrals. For each visitor who Register, we know from which site he/she is coming from.
    We have yet to find the right angle(s) to effectively market our services to ALL motivated people.

    e) individual referrals - Tell A Friend. We wish this form could automatically send emails directly to the entered friends, but that is not the case. The form sends to us the emails THEN we send INDIVIDUAL emails. Is there a better way ? we are looking.

    f) outbound telemarketing. This is a wish marketing vehicule because we didn't try it yet. Over the years Telemarketing has been proved to be pro-active and very cost-effective, but cash intensive. Telemarketers have to be paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, while our paid commissions structure (from the Referral Program) require a delay of 2 to 6 weeks (time to close a property sale deal).
    We are still looking for a way around this situation and to implement the Outbound Telemarketing program.

    g) industry specific Newsgroups. This wasn't on our list of marketing vehicules, as we didn't know much about it. But it would be interesting to try it out. Some affiliates may give it shot.


    You also mentioned: "The second part of your question requires server side scripting, registering, matching sellers to lenders to appraisers can all be developed."
    You may want to develop this a little: how, with what scripts and/or softwares, where to find them, how to implement them, what to expect, ect, etc, etc.

    Hopefully my reply answers your questions, so you and others (who come across this post) could provide targeted helpful thoughts and comments.

    Again thank you very much for taking the time to write and for sharing your thoughts, comments and expertise.

    Whishing continued success
    Bela Ba

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    Hi Bela,
    Very interesting, you have a very good online marketing strategy, although i am a developer and not a marketing analyst. Going through all your information you’re doing almost everything you can do, saying that there is still Search Engine Optimisation. I know a company that specialises in this area; they help businesses get top rankings daily. You will find that a very high number of visitors to your site will come through a search engine, therefore ranking highly will help you get more visitors.
    So how does it work, well the major player in the world is google, most others are feeders to google. AOL, ODP, Netscape, MSN and Yahoo all feed google. Google is very complex and ranks site in a very complex way.
    Google uses a spider, this is constantly moving from site to site evaluating pages across the web, it then ranks every page, according to a lot of factors such as, content, links in and out of page/site, keywords, appropriate site content etc.
    So what can you do to get higher rankings, well there are a few things you can do:

    First Keywords:
    Try to use focused generic keywords, try keeping you keywords down to about 15-20 or 300-400 characters. The reason for this is say your keyword is “Lenders” this keyword is 1 of 100 then if someone searches on that keyword you would only get 1/100 of a percentage towards your ranking, where as if it was 1 of 15 then you would 1/15 percent towards your ranking. Try not wasting your keywords with non keyword words for the same reason. Try not having singular and plurals of a keyword either or is good enough.
    You can have 15 different keywords on different pages, it doesn’t have to be same keywords on every page. Try not to include keywords that have no relevance to your page content, google will mark you down lower in rankings for this, for example well all know that “sex” is one of the most search for word, so people think that having this word in there keywords will help them rank higher, this is not the case, actually the exact opposite happens. Do not use special characters in your Meta tags. Length and format of your tags are important, spiders look for specific markers. Try to put your best words first, position of keyword in Meta tag matters. Here is a link to a tool for running checks on good keywords and bad keywords. This service is free but free is limited, you can however pay a daily charge to receive a lot more information, I think it’s about £7 per day.


    You’re Description Tag:

    This should be only about 120 – 130 words which best descried your business. This should not be abused and be full of more keywords, just a good description of your business type.

    How to get listed in Google:

    This is allows a hard one, but I just recently found out from a SEO company that Google site submit page doesn’t even do anything. You DON’T have to manually register with google, just by either having links to other sites that are listed or by the google spider visiting your site will get your site listed. Also if you are listed with either of the Google’s feeders then you will get listed.

    Framesets are very bad for search engines, the google spider has problems with framesets, try avoid using them in your site. Flash and other plug-ins again the google spider has problems with them.
    Try not getting yourself involved in SPAM techniques such as:
    Creating lots of blank pages and creating links to them.
    Having lots of domain names all pointing to the same site.
    Hiding keywords under layers.

    All the above will have bad effects on you’re rankings. Some of them could cause your site to be penalised and even removed from the listing.

    Google, Lycos, Altaista and Inktomi to name a few are all Indexes, indexes usually use spiders, Meta tags, Directory link, Other inbound links, Outbond links to rank you’re site, but there are other types of search properties.

    Meta Search Engines
    PFI – pay for inclusion

    In directories such as Yahoo and Looksmart Meta tags have no impact and directory descriptions must be written in the correct format.

    Some of the main Portals are; MSN, Blueyonder, AOL, Freeserve, Virgin Net, all these have no direct submission the data for these Portals are provided from 3rd party.

    Meta Search Engines such as Dogpile, Copernic and IX quick again have no direct submission but rank depends on rank/quality in other search properties.

    PFI – Pay for inclusion
    Teoma(ask jeeves), Inktomi, Fast Search
    This is a paid service to ensure the search spider’s visit and rank your site; this is usually refreshed every 48 hours. This service does boost rank. They also offer click-through charting (on some properties). It normally costs approx £10-£20 per URL per year, some still offer free submits but this usually has little impact.

    Basically the information I have giving you is a basic introduction to SEO, remember it is big business and large companies are paying SEO companies big money to do all this for them and get results.

    Your home made press releases. Now I can only speak to you on coding from an ASP perspective. You will find that a lot of these tools have to be custom made; this is because every site is different. Using ASP I would capture users details, use cookies to track users and to recognise revisiting users, database to store the information and some scripts for automatic emails. You can have the emails automatically sent by the user with one line of code. Tracking users through your site would mean having code on every page, in most cases this would involve altering existing pages.

    Industry specific Newsgroups are worth targeting. Is just like Industry specific magazines, lots of potential clients will read them.

    You are looking to allow registration for Sellers, Lenders and Appraisers. By storing all the registration details in tables in your database you would be able to run queries to match your users up to other users. Again this would need to me custom made for you.

    Anyway hope this helps you
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    Marketing to Webmasters and homeSellers

    Hello Ribeyed

    Thank you very much for your input. For a starter, like me, it is a real eye opener into Search Engines. I'll be going again through each of your thoughts to see what I can implement now and later.

    If you have some other thoughts or anything else you can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me or to post again.

    Have a nice day

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