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    Question Questionnaire

    Hello all.

    I'm currently gathering requirements for a website modelling application for a project at University. I have a questionnaire which I am hoping some people could complete.


    Apologises if this is not the appropriate forum category.

    If you have suggestions for any other boards where it may be more suitable to gather views, I would be grateful for the recommendation.

    Lee Evans.

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    The questionnaire forms as part of the research gathering into identifying the requirements for a web application that will allow a user to model a website as a ‘project’.

    A user will be able to create multiple projects and will be able to share projects with people in order to gain feedback. This questionnaire is intended for people who have had previous experience with modelling websites whether this was for yourself or a client.

    1. Should be: "is" part.
    2. Modelling is misspelled.

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    Thanks Steve for highlighting.

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