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Thread: Please review my wesite

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    resolved Please review my wesite

    Please review my website http://getvcc.biz and
    please give me some suggestions regarding my ...

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    Hey, I'm rather new here and I'm not going to review your site.
    1. You site content is highly questionable
    2. Its rated Red by Wot in all catigories and is flagged as a scam site
    3. many of your images are stretched, no review is needed to notice that.

    Wether your site is scam or not, there are typos everywhere.
    And how on earth is every single item listed a bloddy discount?!

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    Nice website...Interesting.
    just concentrate on SEO and proper way SMM
    as well as post in social media sites.
    On other hand good site.
    keep it up.
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