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Thread: Mouse cursor in constant "Hover" state on website.

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    Red face Mouse cursor in constant "Hover" state on website.

    Hi guys,

    The problem is with a wordpress site I am developing - fastpreneur (dot) com

    If you hover your mouse cursor anywhere on the website, you should notice that it is constantly in the "Hover" state, as if it were over a button or link. I really don't like this and although I am no PHP expert, I believe the issue is coming from a plugin I have on the website called "Pop-Up Domination" - How can I find where the issue with this plugin is coming from and how can I fix it.

    I wasn't sure whether this was a CSS issue or the direct PHP from the plugin.

    Either way any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

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    Got nothing to do with php. Its your css that is doing that. Delete the style attribute in you body opening tag. You tried commenting it out but that seems not to work.

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    It's hard to troubleshoot without seeing any code.
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