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    Design to Development


    I'm new to the forum and to web development/designing. I just have a newbie-question about how designs are transformed from static images to dynamic webpages. (And I hope this is the proper forum for such an inquiry).

    I have begun learning HTML and CSS, as well as dabbling in some beginner-designing. I started out by using this GIMP tutorial for creating a webpage:

    After I finished that tutorial, there was no mention of how to incorpoate this design with an actual webpage. I was left wondering how the tabs, and the catagories in the margin, turn into clickable links.

    Which leads me to my question: How do static web designs typically transform into dynamic webpages? Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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    To convert your design into development, you must need exact information about HTML and CSS. Design need to be slice from Photoshop or any other customization software. Need to convert into HTML format with their features as included in design.
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