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Thread: Customized Blog – Need Advice

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    Customized Blog – Need Advice

    I own a business website and I'm taking over work began by the previous webmaster.

    I have a customized blog added into the website with the same look and feel as the rest of the website.

    The blog content itself is stored in Wordpress.

    The coding was done in PHP to fill out the customized blog page.

    The first page works great. However, when I click “Next Page” it takes it to the Wordpress blog, in its' original format which doesn't look anything like the website.

    Help Please
    What's the best way to get subsequent pages (page 2 and beyond) to look like the first page for look and feel?

    Also, how do I get an archives listing (by month) added?

    Besides Adobe CS5.5 / 6 (Dreamweaver) are there any recommended tools?


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    You need to modify some php files within wordpress installation (single.php - also probably header.php and footer.php) according to layout of your website.

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