I am an Intern on a Student Marketing Team. For the marketing team here we have a web form that clients fill out to submit work orders. 99% of clients here are all within the office I work in. I am currently editing the html code for this form and I am wondering if someone can help.

I currently have a text box in the form where the user can input a date that the project is due. I want to format the textbox three ways:

1. The text box needs to be restricted to MM/DD/YYYY format
2. The text box needs to be restricted to ONLY accept dates that are AT LEAST two weeks from the current date.
3. Input in the text box should be required (not necessary really but I would prefer it.)

The form is used in Safari or IE most of the time. But I'm not sure what browsers all the clients use.

I am pretty much a newbie to coding, with only a introduction college course under my belt so all help is GREATLY appreciated!

Here is the only code I have for the text box as it stands, so you can see where I'm starting:

<p><input name="Date" size="20" type="text"></p>

I tried using type="date" for HTML5 but I don't believe this method works because of the browser not recognizing HTML5.

Thank you again in advance!