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Thread: 301 redirect help please - v simple probably

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    Question 301 redirect help please - v simple probably


    I have a site that does well in the Google SERPs - but now my client wants to change the domaine name and I have read that to avoid losing the SERPs power I need to use a 301 redirect in the .htaccess file to let google know that it has permanently changed name

    The site will stille be on the same hosting, it's not moving, just changing domaine name.

    I've pointed the newdomain.com to the same hosting root as olddomain.com and they both work - now all I need to do is put the 301 redirect in the htaccess to tell the server to replace olddomain.com with newdomain.com

    do I just need to do this :

    Redirect 301 http://olddomain.com/ http://newdomain.com/

    it seems too simple

    if someone could just confirm this or tell if there's an error there, I'd be very grateful


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    Should be simple but if you have a place to test it first that would be ideal.

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