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Thread: What is the main role of dreamweaver in software development field ?

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    Apr 2014
    Hi all,

    I'm pretty new to webdevelopment and I'm looking for software to use. I'm thinking about Dreamweaver but I still have some question:
    - can you design anything with this program?
    - I want to design a interactive forum/blog with payment options. Is DW useful for this?
    - Is it easy to make the website and mobile app at the same time?

    Thanks a lot guys, gr from Amsterdam .

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    Dreamweaver is a half-way-house between program text editors that require you to understand code, and CMS's that do not require any programming knowledge.

    Pro: Dreamweaver can help a novice programmer learn how to code, which CMS's do not do.

    Con: Dreamweaver, reputedly, does not produce particularly clean code.

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    Dreamweaver in a simple word is use to code a website

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