Hi everybody, I'm currently making a website as a final year project (fyp) for my degree and I need some advice. The website will be used by students, lecturers & an admin to automate the fyp process in my department.

One of the ideas behind the site is that lecturers will submit projects and tag them as they feel appropriate. Students then view the projects and pick one to complete. The student then has to find a lecturer that is willing to supervise them with their project choice.

I want to figure out a way for the site to recommend suitable lecturers to a student, based on the project the student is looking at. I should also mention that when lecturers create accounts, they will be asked to tag areas that they are interested in (e.g web development, video production, etc.). How would I create these recommendations using the info I have on each lecturer and the tags specified on each project?

Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.