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Thread: How to use a variable in the “header Location” link?

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    How to use a variable in the “header Location” link?

    I need to have a variable in my "header / Location" link. It should get the info from the link:
    PHP Code:
    I have treid this:
    PHP Code:
    header("Location: galleries.php?folder=".$_ARRAY["folder"]."");
    header("Location: galleries.php?folder=".$_GET["folder"]."");
    header("Location: galleries.php?folder="<?=$array["folder"]?>");
    header("Location: galleries.php?folder=".$array["folder"]);
    header("Location: galleries.php?folder=$array['folder']");
    But nothing Works. I need to use the below create the correct link:
    PHP Code:
    If I in the HTML codes make a link like:
    PHP Code:
    Then it’s working and calls the variable “folder”

    Any suggestions how to do this?

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    Is there an array called $array? Do you have error checking turned on?

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    Also make sure no output (not even white-space) has been sent by your PHP script before you call header(). Also, to be HTTP 1.1 compliant, you should use full URLs (including the "http://domain/" part). Lastly, you should probably urlencode the folder value, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to sanitize it a bit, maybe something like:
    PHP Code:
    if(!headers_sent()) {
    $queryString '';
    $_GET['folder']) { 
    $queryString "?folder=".urlencode(basename($_GET['folder']));
    header("Location: http://www.example.com/galleries.php".$queryString);
    else {
    error_log("Headers already sent!");

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