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Thread: GOT THE JOB! Jr Web Developer in Telecommunications, any advice?

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    GOT THE JOB! Jr Web Developer in Telecommunications, any advice?

    Hi all, I just got a job as a Jr Web Developer in Telecommunications.
    BUT this will be my first job working in an office environment and don't have any idea what I will be doing.
    any advice would be great.

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    Get to know your colleagues and talk to them.
    They will be the key to your enjoyment of your entire employment.

    Congratulations, good luck!

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    First of all congrats and just work hard that will be great thing that you can do...

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    Be friendly: when you need help (and you will), it will be easier if your co-workers want to help you.

    Try to learn as much as is reasonable about the overall business as opposed to just focusing on your specific technical area, so that you understand how what you do fits in with the overall needs/objectives of your company.
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    Try to be a sponge for information on how your company operates. You already have the job so clearly you meet their requirements for technical knowledge and skill. The part you have to work on now is understanding what your company wants you to do with it. I'm sure they'll give you more details on everything you'll be doing in your day-to-day, and when they do don't be afraid to ask questions early on. The earlier the better. Make sure you know every nickname, acronym, shorthand name, etc. when it comes to your company's work.

    Every company will be different, but ultimately the core is the same. It also helps to make friends, both as work colleagues as well as any company executives that you happen to meet. It's easy to move up when you have the right friends.

    Good luck
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    THANKS SO MUCH! for all the advice given.

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