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Thread: Freelance Job: Implement jQuery carousel into a bootstrap-based landing page

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    Freelance Job: Implement jQuery carousel into a bootstrap-based landing page

    Hey guys

    I am looking for a web developer to help me with my landing page

    Job description:
    URL: http://rene.to/indoor-ebook/
    The landing page needs a jQuery Carousel with Testimonial Comments from customers.
    You already can see some work in progress.

    For the carousel I am using owlCarousel (json method)

    What I want you to do:
    Implement a jquery carousel for testimonials so it looks like on "carousel wireframe.png" (attached)
    it's the first grey part beneath the ebook cover and the green background

    So summary of tasks:
    1. Modify the owl carousel code so that the following div goes from this...
    <div class="owl-item" style="width: 188px;">...</div>

    ...to this:
    <div class="owl-item one_third">...</div>

    2. Determine position of back/forth arrows and implement them

    Use Fontawesome for that (already implemented in the framework)
    Back: http://fontawesome.io/icon/chevron-left/
    Color for arrow: #DCA400

    3. Make it responsive

    4. With every click on the arrow the carousel moves one item further.
    Also no ending, it just starts again with the first item when it reaches the end.

    5. Use the placeholder in the data.json for every carousel item

    Links to all used resources:
    Used html template: http://themeforest.net/item/off-the-...review/4485934
    owlCarousel: http://owlgraphic.com/owlcarousel/
    Fontawesome: http://fontawesome.io/

    Please send a PM with a quote and time estimation

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    Hello Mr. Green,

    I think your attachment is missing. "carousel wireframe.png" (attached)
    OR I am not able to locate it.

    Please share with me via Skype, my Skype ID is cisin.jason OR you can share it here.

    Very best regards,

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    Thx for the info, here is the attachment:

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    Hello Mr. Green,

    I am not able to PM you.
    Please PM me your contact details if you are able to do it?

    I have a very small quote for all the tasks.

    OR you can Skpye me at cisin.jason

    Very best regards,

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