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    Cool Hi Community Im New !

    Hello dear community. Im completely new to this community and i would love to learn as much there is to learn about websites, design, coding, etc.

    My questions about this is : Where do i start ? and what programs do i need ?I do have a little knowledge about website but not much about coding, but i do understand a little bit.

    I am interesting in learning and fixing gaming websites for example i have 2 that have errors when it comes to register.php it gives me error on line blah blah.....

    idk if gaming websites are different from other websites, they have register.php, donation.php, download.php etc and a login and log out panel


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    I agree with baybayftw.

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    Your first question:

    a) To learn how to build web sites, start with the W3S tutorials on HTML and CSS.

    Note: It is simplest to embed the CSS in the HTML at first, that way you have only one source file per web page.

    b) Once you have got to grips with building simple sites with HTML/CSS you have a choice:

    i. Add server functionality with PHP, or...

    ii. Add bells and whistles with JavaScript.

    Again there are W3S tutorials for both of these. Note: As your interest is in gaming, perhaps the latter is more appropriate in general, but register.php etc. are, not surprisingly, written in PHP. So if you want to understand what they do, you need to learn PHP, and perhaps SQL as there is likely to be a database back-end holding the registration details...

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    As to your second question, all you need to write simple web sites is a text editor to write the source code. Two alternatives are Cedt v3.60 and notepad++, both of which are free. Note: I specify v3.60 of Cedt because there is a later version available which I have found to be less stable.

    To write PHP you need to set up a local server. I use wampserver, which is free and is very easy to set up, but there are others.

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