I've been making photoshop tutorials for a while and have recently begun work on a website to host these videos: http://ps-tuts.co.uk/
Currently I have built a simple 'Coming Soon' page with a target of 7 months to complete the website by. I'm not expecting anyone to reply to this as I'm afraid that it wouldn't be a paid position but the fact that we have a long time to complete it in, this could be considered some what of a side project.

The design of the website will be similar to that of the Khan Academy where users will be able to navigate to a certain course where they will find themselves in a similar layout with the video content to the right and a list of the lessons within that course to the right of the video. Design wise, it will probably be fairly clean, much like the 'Coming Soon' page. As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done in general and I haven't sorted much out yet but if anyone is feeling like they want to give this a go and help me, I would be much appreciated.