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Thread: "Simple page" >> SSH + MySQL + LDAP over Linux

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    Question "Simple page" >> SSH + MySQL + LDAP over Linux

    Hi all,

    I am looking for the best way (coding) to create a simple where I could get:
    - some Linux services status;
    - get my MySQL server/database status as well as query some table getting the total of records based on a specific column; and
    - query my LDAP server to get the total of records based on a specific attribute.

    I have all these information collected by a shell script, but I would like to have them on my browser (a single page were I could have all these information together without the need to connect to my server to run the script manually).

    I have good networking background and I have good logic, but my web coding references are not so good (what should I use? Perl? PHP? Asp? ????????).

    Could someone let me know what is the best coding language that I should use to create this tool?

    Best regards,


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    Pretty much any server-side web language will have some mechanism for executing a command on the server. For instance, in PHP, it might be as simple as:
    PHP Code:
    <html><head><title>My Stats</title><head><body>
    echo shell_exec('/filesystem/path/to/your/script');
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