I'd like to get some expert opinions on which technologies, platforms, and services you would recommend for building a crowd funding website.

Here is a general list of basic requirements:

- Secure
- User registration area
- Payment system (paypal?, amazon?)
- Can be hosted on our server
- Supports multiple campaigns, one to start.
- Customizable (look and feel)
- Easy for a non-web person to update content

The first campaign is going to be a contest that will allow users to sign up and vote (pledge a certain dollar amount) for a particular basic trading area of the united states. The (undetermined number) of basic trading areas that have the most votes will win the right to host one of Redstone Technologies' first mobile gigabit networks - a new wireless technology capable of delivering ultra-fast gigabit speeds without the need for an ISP. (If you have never heard of Redstone, here is a link to a recent article venturebeat.com did on us:http://venturebeat.com/2013/12/19/if...et-everywhere/

Here is where it might get a bit tricky - on the home page, we need a way for supporters/users to easily track which basic trading areas are in the lead. We would really like it to be in the form of a color coded interactive map of the united states. We would also like it to update itself with every vote/pledge. Any ideas on building something like this?

This is very much a grassroots operation at the moment so I would greatly appreciate any ideas, suggestions, advice, and overall insight on how to go about putting this together. I am also in the early stages of assembling a team to build this so send me a message if you have any interest.

Thank you all for your help,
- Craig