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Thread: Web Storage Address Book - I need to add a filter!

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    Web Storage Address Book - I need to add a filter!

    Hi there everyone,

    I have recently come across this super useful tutorial on creating an address book using web storage.


    I am looking to add a filter to the table, but have so far had no luck at all...

    Would anyone be able to help a newb find a simple solution to this problem?


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    people always get help here if they show their own attempts (working or not)
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    Hi, thanks, but there is seriously no point in showing my own attempts - because they are utterly hopeless!
    However, I'll try to dig out some code from the different approaches I've taken if you think it will help

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    I tried using the List.js framework (http://listjs.com), but this assumes you have a pre-written html unordered list... Obviously the table data is populated using web storage, which is why i'm finding it soooo difficult!!

    I am using jQuery mobile to style my content. The mobile site is for teenage cancer patients and I am using the web storage table for them to store their blood results... I have also tried duplicating the table with the intension that they use 1 table per blood property i.e. Hb, WCC, Neuts, platelets etc. This didn't work either.

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