The Project: The United States has a transportation problem and I have a great solution for safe rides. This project will connect with DMV and Local Government to run certified checks on selected candidates. Paring up people based on location, direction and times. I am handle the visual side and need someone to code the security and database. I already have a rough draft up.

Urgent: This website must have SSL. Also the website needs to be coded by a professional with a large knowledge of security to prevent any intrusions. The website won't be storing any sensitive data on it, only will be transmitted back and forth in a read only format.

Skill Needed:
I believe MYSQL / ASP / .NET is the best secure languages to use. Possibility PHP OOP.

Payment: This website will either be bought out by local states or the government. If not it will be a tool used by either as a local amenity/resource. If kept private you will earn pay in 30 day pay periods. Most likely the government will fund this entire website.

My Experience: I have been a web designer / developer of CSS, PHP, MYSQL, HTML for 10+ years.

Contact: Please only experienced coders to apply. I am not interested in anybody outside of the USA, which includes India Companies. Being on the East Coast is a plus.