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    price comparison website

    Hi guys,

    I'm a complete novice and need some advice. I have an idea for a price comparison site and as I can't afford to have it built I have to do it myself.

    So, which software do you recommend and why? How do I go about getting the required info from other websites for my results page? Or would that be in the software? Am I going to need storage for all this info? Do I need permission from websites to extract the info in the first place?

    I'm sorry if I sound like a complete idiot but I've got to start somewhere.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Here's some information you might find useful: https://www.ramosthemes.com/building...rison-website/

    I prefer this software because it's completely open source, a lot of solutions out there try to 'lock you in' so to speak with a subscription for a plugin or they encrypt the code forcing you to employ the developer.

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    As to getting data to compare: most of the biggest price comparison websites get the data it directly from the online stores (they have special agreements). Moreover the online stores pay for the visitors that have ben sent to the store through price comparison website.

    Generally, nowadays this market is highly saturated. But in my opinion it can be still profitable, if you are thinking about building a specific niche comparison website.

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